TUDEV Career Planning Company has started its operation in Istanbul, Turkey having the great
co-operation of FOUNDATION & UNIVERSITY which is unique in the world.

TUDEV Career Planning Company has been established by Turkish Maritime Education Foundation in early 2015. The objectives why TUDEV Career Planning Company has been established are to bring ship-owners and seafarers together by promoting qualified Turkish seafarers who are well educated and trained, environmentally conscious, competent with high practical skills, and are fully able to meet the requirements of international maritime sector as per world standards.

The importance of our philosophy is QUALITY with zero mistake. We believe that it is the most effective way to keep the long-lasting relationships with our Clients and Seafarers.

Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV)

TURKISH Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV) has been established by the most well-known shipowners and path-breaking shipping companies of Turkey in 1993.

At the beginning of 2015, the Foundation has established TUDEV Career Planning Company within the scope of Foundation to serve a very important purpose for seafarers and shipping companies in the maritime sector....Read More...

How Does TUDEV Career Work?


The seafarers who are willing to work with our company, and be employed through our system should first sign up with our website and fill up the CV form without any missing information. Seafarers who become member to our system will be ...Read More...




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